Hiring an Interior Photographer

Unlike landscape photographers, lifestyle photographers, or even commercial photographers, an interior photographer is unique in that he or she has to have a keen sense of fashion and design. Long before they have gotten the perfect shot of that exquisite furniture, or that oriental dining table and chairs, they have to ensure everything is arranged well. When hiring an interior photographer, always make use of these tips;

Have Essential Equipment

A brilliant interior photographer carries around the bare essentials for the photo session which include but not limited to:

  • Non-distorting lenses
  • A tripod stand
  • Architecture specific lenses
  • Wide angle lenses, etc.

When visiting a home to take photos, you may not have an idea of what you’ll find. With this in mind, it is always important to carry around the essential equipment required for any photo shoot to be a success.

Have Lighting Basics

Go for an interior photographer that has the lighting basics in mind. Experienced photographers know just how important lighting is in a perfect photo. If the natural lighting is good enough, there may be no reason for extra lighting. However, the interior photographer should always be ready to work with the available lighting including turning on the lights to add more color variance and depth to the photos. The outside lights and sizes of the window normally determine the amount of natural light available.

Room Preparation

The goal of an interior photography is to showcase a beautiful and attractive home. However, in most cases you’ll find yourself having to arrange and prepare the space. A reputable interior photographer knows how to rearrange the furniture to bring out the best of the home. Moving objects in different angles and places is a perfect way to allure the eyes of the viewer to the different elements.


In order to distinguish between reputable interior photographers from the quacks, some of the features to look out for include:

  • Being able to make the rooms look spacious
  • Focusing on the few attention grabbing areas
  • Keeping lines straight

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